Virtual Wedding Service

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Wedding flowers with rings
Wedding flowers with rings
Say: “I Do!”

Virtual Wedding Service

“So the times they are a changing” and with change new possibilities open up were they weren’t before. 2020 is a year filled with uncertainty which is the nemesis for any bride and groom.

This is the time to consider new ways to share your joy, by planning to avoid disappointment. Have a stress-free, budget-friendly wedding, and remove uncertainty.

The bride and groom can be in beautiful setting. Everyone they love can join them and share in their memories. The heart can be full and the memories can be rich. And it can all be easy.

Virtual Wedding Services

Virtual Wedding Services details can be found here.

Applying For Your Marriage License

Check to see if your county clerk is offering online video conferencing for a marriage license application.

The best way to find a City Hall issuing Marriages License is to email the city hall near you. You can get your license anywhere in California. When you email your city hall ask them if they are issuing a marriage license or know of any city hall that is?

For A legal Marriage License

~ You both need to visit the county clerk to apply in person for your marriage license. Some county clerk offices are providing video conferencing to apply for your marriage license. Check your local county’s website for details or email them.

~ For a video ceremony to be a legal ceremony. Pursuant to the state executive order, both members of the couple must be located within California, be present for the video conference, and present identification.

After your wedding ceremony, your witness or witnesses will sign your marriage license along with your wedding officiant. Your license is now ready to be sent into the city hall where you received your license and your official marriage license will be sent to you.

~ Some couples will have a civil ceremony at the local county clerks to legalize there marriage.

~ Other couples will opt to have a paperwork only appointment to make their ceremony legal.

Here Comes Love,

Cue The Music,

Roses breathe the air,

Heart filled memories,

Dancing into life!

Book Your Virtual Wedding Today

$575 Virtual-Wedding :

Required for booking: Review Contract & Sign ~ Sign via the signature link at the end of the contract.

Ema Drouillard, Officiant/ Photographer Offering Intimate Wedding Events in San Francisco, Sonoma & Marin

witness free two-minute wedding ceremony
witness free two-minute wedding ceremony
Witness Free Two-Minute Wedding Ceremony

Witness Free Two-Minute Wedding Ceremony

In California, you can have a witness free wedding ceremony that can be as short as two minutes and fulfill the legal requirements to file your marriage license.

Witness Free

Public Marriage License | Confidential Marriage License

California is the only state that offers both a regular public marriage license and a confidential marriage license. So what is the difference between these different marriage license?

Public Marriage License

When your public marriage license is recorded it becomes public information. Which means that anyone can view your information.

When a public marriage license is signed, one witness signature is required to file your marriage license.

Confidentail Marriage License

However, when you have a confidential marriage license recorded it is private and not publicly available. The only way for people to get the information is to request it directly from you.

When a confidential marriage license is signed by the officiant, no witness signature is required to file your marriage license. Apply here.

Two-Minute Wedding Ceremony

For a wedding ceremony to fulfill the legal requirements to file your marriage license you need three elements.

  1. First, the couple declares their intention to be united in marriage. The officiant can ask them to respond to a short statement or the couple can provide their own declaration.
  2. Secondly, the officiant will pronounce you united in marriage.
  3. Thirdly, the officiant will sign the marriage license so it can be filed to be recorded. Along with one witness or none, depending on the marriage license that was purchased.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Private, Simple and Fast

Every year a number of couples request an official marriage to fulfill the requirements for filing their marriage license. California offers a perfect solution for couples that want everything private, simple and fast.

Arrange Your Witness Free Two-Minute Wedding

We provide all the details and everything you need to have a witness free two-minute wedding.

Ema Drouillard, Officiant/ Photographer Offering Intimate Wedding Events in San Francisco, Sonoma & Marin

wedding cake symbolizes sweetness of marriage

wedding cake symbolizes sweetness of marriage

The Sweet Life

Wedding Cake | Sweet Bites

In times of old, the groom would break a loaf of bread over his brides head to symbolize fertility. Moving right along through time this break breaking morphed into a sweet cake for the bride and a sweet cake for the groom. So now the symbolism was marked with fertility and prosperity. Perhaps in today’s world, the cake is a symbol of sweetness you will share in your married life together. Because it is the first sweet you share as husband and wife.

The First Shared Sweet As Husband And Wife

However, when considering a wedding cake for just the bride and groom it’s obvious the couple would not want a multilayer wedding cake. Even with a hand full of family or friends, it’s easy to understand why the bride and groom is not usually interested in the multilayer wedding cake.

Many bakers will not make a small wedding cake because the time involved is too intensive for the cost of such a small cake. For the bride and groom, the cost is still very high. Perhaps symbolizing the high cost of the sweet life.

The Sweet Life

The sweet life can be symbolized by sharing any sweet treat. So even one cupcake shared has all the sweetness needed to symbolize the sweetness of married life together. Because it’s all about the sharing of a sweet, the first sweet as husband and wife and having this moment symbolize more sweetness to come.

So viewed in this light many sweet treats can be considered. Two decadent chocolate truffles. A shared bite of your favorite sweet treat, perhaps you are both really pie fans. Or perhaps great grandma’s fudge recipe will provide generational blessings on the sweetness of your married life.

History and tradition are very personal expressions. History is marked with the traditions your family has shared. You now join that history with your own unique expression of what brings wealth to your heart. So sweeten your wedding day with what is truly sweet for you both and mark your passage through history.

Sweets That Travel Through Time

However to avoid disappointment you would want to consider how your sweets travel through time. For instance, putting a couple small chocolates in your handbag on a hot summer day may require a spoon to serve. Many couples make their reservations for their wedding celebration and plan for a sweet treat to be served after their first meal together as husband and wife.

The point is to keep it simple to avoid unfulfilled expectations. Keep it simply sweet and have a sweet life together.


Ema Drouillard, Officiant/ Photographer Offering Intimate Wedding Events in San Francisco, Sonoma & Marin



What Does A Bride Do With Two Bouquets?

Destination Weddings To Escape Current Trends

Trendsetting is of interest to some and can be a task to keep up with.

In 2018 the current trends via wedding planners include:

  • Small Wedding Parties
  • Emphasis On The After Party
  • Creative Place Cards
  • Colored Candles
  • Marbled Dance Floors
  • Clear Tents
  • Textured Linens
  • Moody Florals
  • Potted Plants
  • Living Bars

Escape The To Do Lists

These items are of course a small sample of the many decisions that get made for your wedding day. There is a never-ending list of things to consider and do before a formal wedding. If you are not into checking off an involved list of decisions for your wedding day or details are just not your thing, you may consider a destination wedding. One that is easy and effortlessly filled with personal memories that touch your heart rather than your bank account.

Escape To Your Dream Wedding

The dream is to have one wedding. A wedding is focused on the wedding ceremony. When hosting a formal wedding the focus revolves around hosting your guests rather than focusing on each other. This is the one day in your life, a pivotal moment of your love union. To put the emphasis on the after party is somewhat missing the point. You can have a party any day of any year.

The Newest Trend

If I was to set a new trend it would be to focus on the love between the two of you.The love that is coming together. Your threshold to married life. I have watched this over and over again when it’s just the couple having a private ceremony. The bubble is not broken by outside pressures, the kiss is longer, the focus is totally on each other. What a sweet way to begin. A wonderful send-off for the honeymoon.

Timeless Trends

Do trends really touch the heart? Not really. Does planning an elaborate wedding prove you are the bride with the most interesting ideas and largest budget. Not really, it just proves you can hire high-end vendors for your wedding day. Does it touch hearts? Not really, people are busy adding it all up. Stuck in their heads rather than being touched in the heart by witnessing your love connection.

Focus on your love!


Ema Drouillard, Officiant/ Photographer Offering Intimate Wedding Events in San Francisco, Sonoma & Marin

SF City Hall Christmas Wedding

Your December Wedding

Holiday, Wedding

Holiday Wedding

December Dates Are Still Available

You are invited to call with your questions or book directly online.

  1. First, sign the online contract via the link on the booking page.
  2. Second, add the full package price to the cart and check out.

A confirmation will follow. An easy process for an effortless wedding.

San Francisco City Hall Wedding

San Francisco City Hall Wedding

San Francisco City Hall Wedding

When San Francisco City Hall is booked or you would like a more personal ceremony, My SF Wedding can host your wedding ceremony at San Francisco City Hall with six guests. There is an additional fee for weddings with more guest but those venues are booked for December 2017.

San Francisco Garden Wedding

SF Palace Garden Wedding

Palace Wedding Wedding

Garden weddings take place all year in the San Francisco Bay area. We offer beautiful gardens to select from.

If the weather turns against you San Francisco City Hall can be your backup venue with six guests. For city hall to be your backup venue you need to book your wedding ceremony to take place on a weekday.

Weekend bookings do not provide a backup venue. Some couples have used their lodging as their backup venue, which has happened only a hand full of times in twenty years.

Happy Holidays!!

Ema Drouillard, Officiant/ Photographer Offering Intimate Wedding Events in San Francisco, Sonoma & Marin

Waterside Gazebo Wedding

Budget, wedding, engagement

Marin Wedding

San Francisco Weekend Wedding Tips

March 15th to October 15th is the high tourist season in San Francisco. Tourism is San Francisco largest industry and with all the beautiful improvements made by the city, it is busier than ever. Expect traffic delays and heavy congestion.

Outdoor wedding venue’s offered with the wedding packages are not offered on the weekends between March 15th to October 15th in San Francisco. Outdoor weekend weddings in San Francisco are busy, noisy, congested and uninviting for an intimate wedding.

Permits are not granted for beach weddings during the high tourist season which is March 15th to October 15th.

San Francisco Private Venue Weekend Wedding 

Private wedding venues in San Francisco are the best option during the high tourist season. These venues are offered with an additional fee to the wedding packages offered and are available during the weekend.

Marin Weekend Outdoor Wedding Venues

Intimate wedding venues are offered in Marin County on the weekends during the tourist season. They offer views of the Golden Gate Bridge as well as a lovely Waterside Gazebo on the San Francisco Bay. Marin is just over the Golden Gate Bridge and offers a beauty all it’s own as well as less congestion, making it suitable for an intimate wedding.

Hillside Chapel   Waterside Gazebo   The Golden Gate   Ocean Side Beach

San Francisco Outdoor Weekday Wedding

Are offered year round and still provide the perfect setting for an intimate wedding. Book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Ema Drouillard, Officiant/ Photographer Offering Intimate Wedding Events in San Francisco, Sonoma & Marin


First Glance Bride And Groom

First Glance

First Glance Revealed

It’s called the “Reveal” the first moment the bride and groom see each other before they become husband and wife. Emotion’s can be overwhelming for one or both the bride and the groom. It can be an intimate moment between just the two of you or a public moment when you are being witnessed. It can also be a photo opportunity or not. It’s up to you.

Private~Before The Ceremony

The bride and groom share an intimate moment together before the ceremony. This can take place fifteen minutes or so before you are transported to your ceremony venue.

Before hand, find a suitable place for this to happen either at home or at the lodging. Have the groom face one direction and the bride enter’s from behind the groom. When you are ready have the groom turn around.

Outdoor Wedding Venue’s

The outdoor venue’s offered rarely offer an effective way to experience the first glance. There is no aisle per say, and often no way to orchestrate the timing effectively. The outdoor venue’s listed on this site are not conducive to the first glance and first glance is not offered at the outdoor venue’s. When using one these venue’s I recommend a private meeting before the ceremony.

Public~Walking Down The Aisle

The tradition of a public first glance during the ceremony began in a church. As the bride begins her walk down the aisle, the bride and groom see each other for the first time before coming husband and wife.

This tradition works perfectly in a traditional setting. All the chapel’s provide a perfect setting for walking down the aisle and having the “Reveal” happen at the foot of the aisle. It’s been done many times and works well. Other indoor venue’s also work well for an aisle “Reveal”.

Consider The Venue

Consider the different venue’s you will be using the day of your wedding and select the most effective and easy way to share your first glance. Make it simple and sweet to watch your memories unfold. The focus of the day is becoming husband and wife. Arrive your wonderful self and say; “I Do!” It really can be that simple.

Ema Drouillard, Officiant/ Photographer Offering Intimate Wedding Events in San Francisco, Sonoma & Marin

Group Marriage Vow Renewal

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Valentine's Day,group,marriage vow renewal


Be My Valentine

Valentine’s Day

The Day Of Love

  • Tuesday~February 14, 2018 @ Noon
  • San Francisco, California

Are you interested in renewing your wedding vows? Come and celebrate your love. Join us at the 1st annual group marriage vow renewal.

Package Includes:

  • Landmark San Francisco Venue
  • Non-Religious Renewal Of Vows Ceremony
  • Officiant~Ema Drouillard
  • One Portrait Via JPEG 
  • One Three Stem Red Bouquet Per Couple

To participate, couples can register below. Registration closes on January 1st, 2018.

Review Contract & Sign ~ Required for booking. Sign via the signature link at the end of the contract.

  • Valentine’s Day 2018 Non-Refundable $375  Valentine_Group_Renewal_2018 :
  • A confirmation will follow with complete details.

Important Details:

  • Each couple can bring 6 guests maximum sorry (no exceptions) with a total group size including the couple of 8. Children and infants are counted as a guest. The event is limited to 10 couples.
  • No marriage license is provided and none will be signed as part of this event.
  • Optional private photo session can be booked.
  • This landmark venue was selected for your group marriage vow renewal due to its romantic elements and its beauty for photographs. Details will be included in your group marriage vow renewal confirmation.

Retie The Knot~Say; “I Do” Once Again.

Ema Drouillard, Officiant/ Photographer Offering Intimate Wedding Events in San Francisco, Sonoma & Marin

Bay Area outdoor wedding ceremony, best time of day, best time of year, best month

outdoor wedding ceremony, best time of day

The Best Time Of Day For An Outdoor Wedding Ceremony In The Bay Area

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony, Best Time Of Day?

Are you planning an outdoor wedding in the San Francisco Bay Area? Here are planning tips for an outdoor wedding ceremony, best time. Are you wondering what the best time of day is? Here are tips for planning your outdoor wedding ceremony, for the best time of day, the best time of year and the best months of the year.

We have offered outdoor ceremonies in the San Francisco Bay Area for over twenty years. San Francisco’s weather pattern is unique and well worth planning around for the best option. Couples enjoy outdoor wedding ceremonies year round in the Bay Area.

There are a few things to consider for your outdoor wedding ceremony; the weather patterns, the time of day, the time of year, the day of the week as well as traffic patterns.

San Francisco Season’s Of  The Year

What season of the year are you considering for your wedding?

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony, Best Time Of Year

Couples marry outdoors all year-long in the Bay Area. Taking into account the weather patterns will make all the difference on your wedding day.

Each season brings its own weather pattern. Being a coastal city, San Francisco has a wind pattern all year. The early morning can be still and as the day precedes the winds increase.

Planning around the wind makes all the difference. The calmest time of the day is in the am. The winds begin near 10 am and increases as the day precede. The wind pattern is constant all year. Winds can easily be as high as 50 miles an hour near 5 pm.

Winter is the rainy season in California. Many couples opt to marry outdoor’s during the winter in San Francisco. During the winter you want to catch the warmth of the day, which is usually near 1 pm. Planning a backup location provides peace of mind. The only time of year that can be risky is the rainy season. The winter can provide a time of year with less wind but also less warmth for the bride.

Summer’s fog pattern is what makes San Francisco so magical. Some couples love to arrive at the Golden Gate Bridge half covered in fog. Some couples what to arrive after the fog as lifted. The fog usually rounds back before or near noon. Making the best time of day 1 pm, before the winds become stronger.

Spring and Fall include the wind pattern. To avoid the high winds the calmest time of day is between 10 am and 1 pm.

On the coast and in the bay area next to the water’s edge with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background has a stronger wind pattern all year. Sunset brings the strongest winds most of the time. So strong that the bride will most likely have to carry her veil in her hand rather than wear it. The point is, the winds need to be considered for the most comfortable option. The high winds can be very cold for a bride.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony, Best Time Of Day

By planning around the wind, fog, and traffic in San Francisco you can experience the best this romantic city has to offer. In the summer months the fog rolls in and out of the bay. Planning around the fog makes the best time of day at 1:00 pm. Planning around the winds of the city makes 10 am to 1 pm the best option for a wedding ceremony. And in the winter to catch the warmth of the day 1 pm again takes the cake.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony, Best Day Of The Week

Monday through Thursday provides the outdoor venues with fewer people about. A quieter relaxed environment. During the weekend’s the outdoor wedding locations are busy with people enjoying the sights. On Monday through Thursday couples usually, experience less congestion. It really feels sweet on the weekdays rather than a bustle of activity that takes place on the weekends.

Traffic Pattern’s To Consider

Do you want to sit in traffic on your wedding day? Or have your guest stuck in traffic? You can still plan around the traffic in the Bay Area.

Traffic patterns have become something to consider. On the weekend, the later in the day you wait the more people there are out and about. Parking is harder and traffic around the bridge can easily cause a 30-minute delay. During the week you most likely want to avoid the computer traffic patterns. Making the best time of day between 11 am and 1 pm.

The Best Of The Best 

Any time of year near 1 pm Monday through Thursday offers the best option’s for a relaxed environment, best weather option and the less amount of traffic to deal with. Plan for an effortless day by using this information. Brides have often commented that they hear what I said regarding the winds, but did not get it. Unfortunately, it is too late on the day of the wedding to make changes. Plan ahead for the perfect options on your wedding day.

Extra Benefit

A mid-day wedding is also easier on the budget as a brunch can be planned rather than a dinner. It also offers the most budget-friendly option for your wedding day. It’s easier to get up a little early than to fight the crowds later in the day. Check out our wedding blog for more tips on Wedding Planning Made Easy.

Ema Drouillard, Officiant/ Photographer Offering Intimate Wedding Events in San Francisco, Sonoma & Marin

Wedding Timeline Tips

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wedding timeline tips

On The Way To The Altar

Wedding Timeline Tips~Love Is In The Details

An unhurried sense of time is in itself a form of wealth.

In the many years, I’ve offered wedding packages to couples, I’ve noticed how time can get the best of us and how planning our time creates the sweetest memories unfolding effortlessly.

These tips will assist you with a stress-free wedding day. On your way to the altar, time can move at warp speed and emotions can pull attention away from the details. The most graceful approach to time is found in the details. As they say; “Love Is In The Details”

Before Your Wedding Day

Think about your timeline and plan extra time for possible delays. If children are with you, plan time for the many unexpected moments that can happen for little ones.

If you’re having a location wedding, arrive dressed to avoid getting dressed in a public restroom. If you plan to dress on site arrive one hour early, some sites have a place to change and some do not. It’s best to avoid the unexpected by arriving dressed and ready for your wedding ceremony.

Finalize Wedding Day Details

One week before your wedding confirm the time and place of your wedding. Connect via email with each contracted vendor and guest. Include the time and address and any travel or parking information required.

If there have been changes made during the planning of your wedding, it’s important to reaffirm the current information so everyone is on the same page. Sending a short note on where and when can be very helpful.

I have heard the guest comment that the information didn’t seem important when they receive it too far in advance. Avoid last minute changes, make all changes no later than a week before your wedding.

Create a checklist for details that need addressing the week before your wedding. Adding them to your calendar provides a timeline for them to be finished. This provides mental relief and helps you sleep through the night.

It’s Already Done

Being prepared involves planning ahead. When your wedding day arrives everything already needs to be done. Make your communications clear beforehand so you don’t need to orchestrate anything on your wedding day.

Have the car packed if you can. Have everything laid out and ready. This way on your wedding day, you can focus on your experience rather than the doing.

Have your wedding rings and marriage license with you in a handy place, or put someone in charge of these items.

Wedding Attire Rehearsal

Often when the bride and groom are eloping or having a destination wedding the bride is alone to get dressed. The best way to create ease is by doing a dress rehearsal. Adorn yourself completely to see if you need to make any changes before your wedding. In this way, you will have the time you need to address them.

It is also very helpful for the groom to think through his attire. Sometimes a groom will opt to wear a bow tie but on the day of the wedding, he doesn’t know how to tie a bow tie as he doesn’t usually wear them. Put it all together before your wedding day.

Beginning Your Wedding Day

If you were going to get up at 8 am make it 7 am to give yourself extra time for unexpected delays. In this way, you can move through time with ease and grace. Give yourself the gift of extra time. It all goes so quickly it’s a nice way to savor it all as you go along.

Understanding How Long It Takes

When planning your time, take into account time to get to your appointments and time to travel. Understand how long your hair will take if you’re getting it done. If it’s your first time with a new stylist plan extra time and provides as many visuals as you can to communicate your desires. Plan the minimum of one hour plus walking or travel time.

Plan another slot of time for makeup, usually 40 minutes. The biggest issue with time is making the schedule too tight. Plan time for each step.

Plan another slot for dressing. Think through the additional steps required and allow ample time for each.

Travel Time

Begin with directions in hand. Provide them to the driver and your guest. If you are making a stop on the way, plan on 45 minutes to make this stop. You will need time to find the location, park, wait, pay and so on.

A wrong turn can easily involve a fifteen-minute delay. Plan a minimum of 30 minutes extra time for traffic delays.

Your Love Day

Be here now, this is your moment. You are creating your memories together, this is the time to focus on your shared love.

Whatever happens, is meant to be…it’s all a part of your story. Reserve disappointment and anger for another time. Don’t let a temporary feeling get in the way of your ceremony.

May your happiness be your joy. This is your love day!

Wedding Day=Sense Of Entitlement

Ema Drouillard, Officiant/ Photographer Offering Intimate Wedding Events in San Francisco, Sonoma & Marin