Non-Legal Ceremony

Non Legal Wedding Ceremony

There are many reasons that committed couples don’t get legally married.

Many of the Millennials or generation Y are opting to symbolize their commitment without the legal aspect. By sharing a celebration of unity in a “non-legal” ceremony.

While younger generations are staying single longer with the average age of marriage near 30, they are also more educated and the financial savvy.

They still may opt for a gala event or a more intimate declaration of love. Either way they are focusing more on their relationship and less on traditional legalities.

Millennials aren’t having much to do with the traditions of the past and are forging a new path of unity and love.

Yes, you can be devoted without a license being filed with City Hall and many couples are opting for this in their relationships. Many couples are not making their union legal until well after the children have arrived.

While the perfect wedding can not predict a perfect marriage. It appears younger couples are forging their own pathway to love.

None of the packages offered by My SF Wedding, include a marriage license fee. You can select any package that includes the elements you want in your unity ceremony of love. It is a brave new world and you can have it your way.

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