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Bless The Baby

Naming Ceremony | Christening 

Are you considering a naming ceremony for the baby? Naming ceremonies are part of a christening ceremony or a baptismal ceremony. These family rituals ease transitions and offer a warm welcome for your child into the world. Bringing the whole family and friends forward for a lifetime of support and caring.

Share this warm and joyous time together with family and friends to pledge your love, commitment, joy and hope for your child’s future. You may or may not relate to religion and yet you may realize the power of ritual in family life. But with the birth of your new baby, you will want to announce it from the highest mountain.

Naming Ceremony | Christening | Baptism

Have a christening or naming ceremony, secular baptism or non-religious ceremony. The ceremony has five main qualities:

  • Naming your newborn, toddler or child.
  • Welcoming your child.
  • Expressing solidarity with the parents.
  • Marking a commitment by the parents and others Offering an expression of the sense of wonder for the miracle of birth.
  • Every detail can be altered or adapted in any way. You can include a poem or music. Dedicate a tree to mark the birth of your child.
  • Godparents can be named or not. Instead of Godparents, you can have; Mentors, Spiritual Guides or Supportive Friends.

Your ceremony can take place in your home, a garden, at Grandma’s, in a chapel, at the park or on the beach. a chapel, at the park or on the beach. Create a memory to cherish, as you mark the arrival of your precious child in a naming, baptism or christening celebration your way. Set the date, call Ema today for your consultation. Naming Ceremony Outline: Blessing  ~ Welcoming  ~ Blessing of Protection  ~ Grandparents Blessings  ~ Godparents Offering  ~ Water Blessing  ~ Naming Parents  ~ Blessing Family  ~ Blessing Celebration

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“We can’t tell you enough how much we loved the ceremony, especially when Woods wanted to bless himself with the water!”

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