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Your Guide To Being An Outdoor Bride~Part 3

The Perfect Bouquet For Your Skin

Bridal Accessories…Fresh Flowers & Jewels

· The bridal bouquet is the brides largest accessory. It should compliment her shin, the reflection of the color will reflect on her face and skin. White rarely adds anything as it washes out and fades into all the white of the gown, seldom complementing the skin tones of the bride.

· The best bouquet is full and rich without being busy. Ribbon and bows distract the eye and just add business to the wedding photography. The accessory should not pull the focus but highlight the bride. The best way to do this is to complement the skin tones of the bride. Visit Bridal Bouquet Colors Here!

· The bouquets that do this are usually one solid color with a simple ribbon wrap around a hand tied bouquet. Roses hold up the best and put on a beautiful show without drawing attention away from the bride.

· The bouquet should be fresh…made the day of the wedding and handled gently before given to the bride. Roses bruise by rubbing up against objects and people. They don’t want to be out of water before delivery to the bride. Delivered with a cooler in hot conditions so that the bouquet is indeed fresh for the wedding.

· The bouquet should be ergonomic to hold onto and not too heavy for the bride’s comfort. I hand tie about three dozen roses for the Brides rose bouquet. I have seen bouquets done with 15 stems, perhaps a little too light. Keep it simple.

The Top Shoe Wear for an Outdoor Wedding

· Shoes…many brides decide to get very tall heels for their wedding day rather than shorten the gown. Here are some of the drawbacks to this idea.

· One…the bride often appears taller than her groom. Ending up with wedding images for a lifetime that dwarfs her husband.

· Two…once the feet hurt, it shows in the face and the structure of the bride which also reflects in the photography.

· Three…if you must wear 3 or 4 inch heels in an outdoor venue, bring some other shoes so you can change…this will help. Break your shoes in…don’t wait until your wedding day. Comfort begins with the foundation of your feet. Think about it…or have it be on your mind the whole event. Not fun!

· Spike heels sink into the ground, throwing you off-center. Most outdoor brides will be in grass and on walking on pavement. Plan according. Wedge shoes can work well, if wedges work for you.

Wrapping Up

The Perfect Wrap for an Outdoor Wedding

To wrap or not to wrap…if the bride is standing in wind gusts up to forty miles an hour…she may need a wrap. A shawl is not form-fitting and looks clumpy in the photography. Find something form-fitting and small…just to cover the shoulders and arms. It can mean all the difference in your comfort level.

Final Step

To avoid last-minute surprises. About a week or two before your wedding. Dress from head to toe for your wedding day. This last review will let you know in advance if something has not come together as you may have envisioned. This way you can avoid last-minute disappointments on your wedding day.

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