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Local Wedding Officiant~Ema Drouillard-Clergy

Ema Drouillard is a certified local wedding officiant serving San Francisco, Marin, and Sonoma in Northern California.  She received her Doctorate from University Life Church in 1998 and eventually founded My SF Wedding.com specializing in San Francisco Destination Weddings, amid the historical sites of the city and wine country.

After her financial career in banking, Ema decided it was time for a change of scenery and weather and moved to sunny Marin. In Marin, she has become a local tourist. In addition to her ministry, Ema is a Life Coach and an enthusiastic professional photographer.  She currently offers wedding ceremony packages that include:  wedding venue, photography, flowers, officiant, ceremony, music, transportation and celebration plans.

Ordained Minister ~ WM Certified Officiant ~ Local Wedding Officiant

Providing couples and families with secular, non-religious, religious, religious, spiritual, interfaith and non-denominational ceremonies. As well as uniquely personalized ceremonies for a wedding, marriage renewal, christening, adoption, or memorial.

  • Ordained with Universal Life Church 1976
  • Lay Eucharist Minister at Episcopalian Church of St. John’s 1985
  • Benedictine Camaldolese Oblate with New Camaldoli Hermitage 1987
  • Mercy Center’s training program for Spiritual Directors International 1989
  • Assistant Chaplain at Good Samaritan Hospital in Santa Clara 1993
  • Life Coach Training with The Coaches Training Institute 1997
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Religion with Universal Life Church 1998
  • Wedding Minister Certification Program with Dr. Charles W. Laird 2006

Spiritual Questing

My spiritual curiosity drove me to visit every church in my hometown beginning near the age of twelve. My great-grandfather was a pastor for 50 years with the First Congregational Church; he married my parents and christened me. My father was a Baptist and later baptized me via immersion.

My lifelong quest for spirituality led me to the mystics and devotional prayer in all traditions. I studied and received in-depth spiritual direction that I now offer to those I do a ceremony for. Finally, with the understanding of mythology, my awareness became integrated into a daily lifestyle which I find enriching. I embrace the mystical traditions and seek by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with the divine. Believing in spiritual truths that are beyond the intellect. A mystic in training if you will. My service to others is grounded in the integrity of my own spiritual life.

As a life student, the Life Coaching offered is an array of knowledge acquired in various systems gathered along the way. Gene Keys, Human Design, HeartMath, Geno Lifestyle, Qi Gong, Yoga, Watsu, Reiki and Life Training’s to mention a few.  Coaching focuses on the heart of the matter, your life relationships with yourself and others.

WM Reviews by Dr. Charles W. Laird,
Wedding Minister Certification Program Director

Rev. Ema Drouillard has a very reassuring presence and that is big when nervous tensions are sky-high. She is mature and stable, a vitally important characteristic of the best officiants since they do not need to draw attention to themselves. Ema is very knowledgeable of wedding day dynamics and has a good sense of disarming fears and instilling confidence, something of a gentle commander who doesn’t get ruffled. One prominent Bay area photographer considers “her one of the top five officiants” in the area.

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Mystics Of All Traditions

The Tao which can be named is not the true Tao. —Lao Tzu (Taoist)

The Spirit supreme is immeasurable, inapprehensible, beyond conception, never-born, beyond reasoning, beyond thought. —Upanishads (Hindu)

That One which is beyond all thought is inconceivable by all thought. —Dionysius the Areopagite (Christian)

If you follow my teachings, then you are truly my disciples and you shall come to a gnosis of the truth, and the truth shall make you free. —Jesus of Nazareth (Christian)

In essence, things are not two but one. …All duality is falsely imagined. —Lankavatara Sutra (Buddhist)

God is one’s very own Self, the breath of one’s breath, the life of one’s life, the Atman. —Anandamayi Ma (Hindu)

The light by which the soul is illumined, in order that it may see and truly understand everything…is God himself. —St. Augustine (Christian)

When the mirror of my mind became clear… I saw that God is not other than me, and this non-dual knowledge completely destroyed all thought of “you” and “I.” I came to know that this entire world is not different from God. —Lalleshwari (Hindu)

What is suffering? What is death? In reality, they do not have any existence. They appear within the framework of the manifestations produced by the mind wrapped up in an illusion. …In the emptiness of mind, there is no death. No one dies. There is no suffering and no fear. —Bokar Rinpoche (Buddhist)

Suddenly, I realized…”it really is like this, in reality, there is not a single thing!” With this single thought, all entanglements were broken. Suddenly, it was as if a load of a hundred pounds had fallen to the ground in an instant. It was as if a flash of lightning had penetrated the body and pierced the intelligence. —Kao P’an-lung (Confucian)

I have been delivered from this ego and self-will—alive or dead, what an affliction! But alive or dead, I have no homeland other than God’s Bounty. —Rumi (Muslim)

The pure truth of Atman, which is buried under Maya and the effects of Maya, can be reached by meditation, contemplation and other spiritual disciplines such as a knower of Brahman may prescribe. —Shankara (Hindu)

If you don’t wash out the stone and sand, how can you pick out the gold? Lower your head and bore into the hole of open non-reification, carefully seek the heart of heaven and earth with firm determination. Suddenly, you will see the original thing!—Liu I-ming (Taoist)

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My SF Wedding
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by Pamela on My SF Wedding

Ema was wonderful to photograph my daughter’s thirteenth birthday with friends. She was warm, patient, generous and the photos were fabulous. We highly recommend her. Thank you Ema!

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