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A Public And Private Marriage License from any county in California~can be used in any county in California.

Local County Clerk’s Offices 

By Appointment Only In San Francisco~

San Francisco County Marriage License


Marin County Marriage License

Sonoma County Marriage License

Call 415-554-4950 for recorded marriage license information.

You can obtain a public marriage license anywhere in California and use it anywhere in California.  San Francisco requires an appointment in advance sometimes they are all booked.

If San Francisco is already booked use another County to get your marriage license.  Sonoma and Marin do not require an appointment.  Go at least an hour before closing time.

You need to apply for your marriage license together, show I.D., and sign in person.

Questions & Answers

Q. What is the difference between a public marriage license and a confidential marriage license.

A.  The public license is part of public record, which means anyone can request copies, provided they pay the required fees. If you and your future wife or husband have performed acts in the capacity of a married couple such as living together, you may apply for a confidential license.

A confidential marriage license requires no witness to sign. Only the Officiant and the couple will sign the document. The marriage license is recorded but is only accessible by the couple. No one else can go down to the county or do a record search and find that document. This is perfect for couples without guests at the wedding. You can use a confidential marriage license in any county in California.

Q. Do I still need blood tests in order to get a marriage license in California?

A. No. The blood test requirement was eliminated in January 1995.

Q. How do I get my personal name changed?

A. The Name Equality Act of 2007 allows one or both applicants for a California marriage license to elect to change the middle and/or last names by which each party wishes to be known after solemnization of the marriage.

Q. What identification will I need?

A. Most couples use their driver’s license.

Q. What is the fee for a marriage license?

A. The fee for a marriage license in California varies from county to county. It will cost between $35 to $100. In the three counties listed above, it is near $85 to $95. 

Q. Can our wedding officiant be our witness?

A. No. When the two of you are having a private ceremony, it’s best to obtain a confidential license.  With a confidential license, you don’t need a witness signature. An additional advantage of a confidential license is that there are no returned licenses for signature issues, which incur additional fees.

If there will be just the two of you on your wedding day and you have booked a package with we will provide a witness to sign your marriage license.

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