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Beautiful San Francisco Beach Wedding

San Francisco California Beaches 

When planning a wedding in San Francisco on the beach one of the most important factors to consider is the microclimates of the different beaches in the city.  Consider the fog patterns and the wind patterns.

The very best time on the beach is before ten in the morning. Each hour provides more wind. Winds can be twenty to forty miles an hour beach side. Often the gust of wind can be stronger. This often makes for a cold experience.

In the summer the fog is often in the bay until noon.  Often ten in the morning to one in the afternoon is the best option. Sunset weddings provide for the coolest and windiest time to marry on the beach. The bay side beaches are less harsh than the coast side beaches.

Can your fantasy of a beach wedding match up with the reality of your beach wedding? Here are a few pointers for a beach wedding in San Francisco.

  • Beaches in California are public. Even with a permit, the space is still open to the public. The public often includes dogs.
  • While many couples want to be near the water, few want to have their feet in the sand.
  • Most brides are very cold during beach nuptials and have a distance to walk in their finest attire to get to the location.
  • The Winter beach is cold. Few people go to the beach in the winter. The Summer beach is foggy and windy. If it is warm and nice there will be many people on the beach.
  • Very few brides want to down their best gown, have their hair and makeup done and then head to the beach.

Insight is always better than hindsight. Plan for the desired outcome rather than having your wedding ceremony become something to endure. Most couples that are seeking a beach wedding are interested in the water element. There are choices that provide a water element in nature and also provide a more comfortable environment for your ceremony.

To have professional assistance planning your elopement in Romantic San Francisco, California just call; Your Intimate Wedding Specialist.  Visit beach site information here.

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