Renew, marriage vows

Marriage Renewal

Poetry For Renewing Your Marriage Vows

Renewal of Love

Marriage can be a paradise of love. The union of two souls…two lives intertwined.

Holding Love Together

But…I loved you once, I loved you best,  I loved you o’er the rest.

I loved you long, I loved you deep, I loved you.

But…I thought our love was over, I thought our love had passed.

The passion that we’d hoped for, seemed to fade, gone at last.

We’d lost the love we pledged to keep; we forgot our loving past.

But…we took the time to search our hearts; we took the time to search our past.

We found the place where we left off, like a page from a book set aside.

We found the spot where the other stayed.

We found the place  inside we let the other hide.

But…we’ve taken steps to bridge the gap we’d made from our pain.

We’ve renewed our hope, renewed our hearts inside.

We’ve renewed our hope, renewed our hearts inside.

But…I love you now, I love you best,

I love you  o’er the rest. I love you long, I love you deep, I love you.

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