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On The Way To The Altar

Wedding Timeline Tips~Love Is In The Details

An unhurried sense of time is in itself a form of wealth.

In the many years, I’ve offered wedding packages to couples, I’ve noticed how time can get the best of us and how planning our time creates the sweetest memories unfolding effortlessly.

These tips will assist you with a stress-free wedding day. On your way to the altar, time can move at warp speed and emotions can pull attention away from the details. The most graceful approach to time is found in the details. As they say; “Love Is In The Details”

Before Your Wedding Day

Think about your timeline and plan extra time for possible delays. If children are with you, plan time for the many unexpected moments that can happen for little ones.

If you’re having a location wedding, arrive dressed to avoid getting dressed in a public restroom. If you plan to dress on site arrive one hour early, some sites have a place to change and some do not. It’s best to avoid the unexpected by arriving dressed and ready for your wedding ceremony.

Finalize Wedding Day Details

One week before your wedding confirm the time and place of your wedding. Connect via email with each contracted vendor and guest. Include the time and address and any travel or parking information required.

If there have been changes made during the planning of your wedding, it’s important to reaffirm the current information so everyone is on the same page. Sending a short note on where and when can be very helpful.

I have heard the guest comment that the information didn’t seem important when they receive it too far in advance. Avoid last minute changes, make all changes no later than a week before your wedding.

Create a checklist for details that need addressing the week before your wedding. Adding them to your calendar provides a timeline for them to be finished. This provides mental relief and helps you sleep through the night.

It’s Already Done

Being prepared involves planning ahead. When your wedding day arrives everything already needs to be done. Make your communications clear beforehand so you don’t need to orchestrate anything on your wedding day.

Have the car packed if you can. Have everything laid out and ready. This way on your wedding day, you can focus on your experience rather than the doing.

Have your wedding rings and marriage license with you in a handy place, or put someone in charge of these items.

Wedding Attire Rehearsal

Often when the bride and groom are eloping or having a destination wedding the bride is alone to get dressed. The best way to create ease is by doing a dress rehearsal. Adorn yourself completely to see if you need to make any changes before your wedding. In this way, you will have the time you need to address them.

It is also very helpful for the groom to think through his attire. Sometimes a groom will opt to wear a bow tie but on the day of the wedding, he doesn’t know how to tie a bow tie as he doesn’t usually wear them. Put it all together before your wedding day.

Beginning Your Wedding Day

If you were going to get up at 8 am make it 7 am to give yourself extra time for unexpected delays. In this way, you can move through time with ease and grace. Give yourself the gift of extra time. It all goes so quickly it’s a nice way to savor it all as you go along.

Understanding How Long It Takes

When planning your time, take into account time to get to your appointments and time to travel. Understand how long your hair will take if you’re getting it done. If it’s your first time with a new stylist plan extra time and provides as many visuals as you can to communicate your desires. Plan the minimum of one hour plus walking or travel time.

Plan another slot of time for makeup, usually 40 minutes. The biggest issue with time is making the schedule too tight. Plan time for each step.

Plan another slot for dressing. Think through the additional steps required and allow ample time for each.

Travel Time

Begin with directions in hand. Provide them to the driver and your guest. If you are making a stop on the way, plan on 45 minutes to make this stop. You will need time to find the location, park, wait, pay and so on.

A wrong turn can easily involve a fifteen-minute delay. Plan a minimum of 30 minutes extra time for traffic delays.

Your Love Day

Be here now, this is your moment. You are creating your memories together, this is the time to focus on your shared love.

Whatever happens, is meant to be…it’s all a part of your story. Reserve disappointment and anger for another time. Don’t let a temporary feeling get in the way of your ceremony.

May your happiness be your joy. This is your love day!

Wedding Day=Sense Of Entitlement

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