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Before Shopping For Your Wedding Gown

Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Consider your venue, will the wedding be indoors or outdoors?  

An indoor bride can don herself in anything and everything she may desire.  A long veil, a long train and long hair down.  An outdoor bride may prefer no veil, or train, long hair is up and an extra layer for warmth is nearby.

How long will you?  

Most brides will be in their wedding dress between 3 to 8 hours.  Beaded gowns begin to feel very heavy, very quickly.  A strap-less dress can leave the bride bruised from repeatedly pulling it up.  Perhaps a perfect gown is comfortable to wear. Comfort makes for an easy smile in all those lovely photo’s.


Consider the color that flatters your skin tones. White is not flattering to many people. Perhaps ivory or blush.  Brides wear many colors around the world.  Brides often select red for Christmas or Valentine day weddings.

Length…short or long or in-between?

Tea length is full of ease outdoors in the garden.  Full length is formal and beautiful for evening. Short is great for the beach.

How to decide?

Which dress makes you feel your very special self?  If you love the dress more than you love the way you feel in the dress…keep shopping.

Heels and height?

With today’s heels a bride can easily be taller than her groom. The wedding photography is designed to last a lifetime becoming part of your children’s story as well.  How tall to go?  What would you like to see in all those keepsake images?

To wrap or not to wrap?  

Outdoor brides may appreciate a wrap.  Something form-fitting and small just to cover the shoulders and arms.

Final review.  

Avoid last-minute surprises. Before your wedding day dress from head to toe for your wedding day.

This last review will let you know in advance if something has not come together as envisioned.  This way a disappointment can be avoided.

What did it take to make Cinderella’s Dress?

  • White Sash “White Ribbon”: A pretty white sash, found on top of a pile of boxes and books in the north-west corner of the floor.
  • White Button: A simple white button, found on top of the table against the north wall.
  • Pink Fabric : A length of pink fabric found near the northeast corner of the floor
  • White Lace: A piece of lovely white lace found on the couch in the southeast corner.
  • Pink Thread: A spool of pink thread found on top of the bookshelf in the southwest corner.

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