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The Sweet Life

Wedding Cake | Sweet Bites

In times of old, the groom would break a loaf of bread over his brides head to symbolize fertility. Moving right along through time this break breaking morphed into a sweet cake for the bride and a sweet cake for the groom. So now the symbolism was marked with fertility and prosperity. Perhaps in today’s world, the cake is a symbol of sweetness you will share in your married life together. Because it is the first sweet you share as husband and wife.

The First Shared Sweet As Husband And Wife

However, when considering a wedding cake for just the bride and groom it’s obvious the couple would not want a multilayer wedding cake. Even with a hand full of family or friends, it’s easy to understand why the bride and groom is not usually interested in the multilayer wedding cake.

Many bakers will not make a small wedding cake because the time involved is too intensive for the cost of such a small cake. For the bride and groom, the cost is still very high. Perhaps symbolizing the high cost of the sweet life.

The Sweet Life

The sweet life can be symbolized by sharing any sweet treat. So even one cupcake shared has all the sweetness needed to symbolize the sweetness of married life together. Because it’s all about the sharing of a sweet, the first sweet as husband and wife and having this moment symbolize more sweetness to come.

So viewed in this light many sweet treats can be considered. Two decadent chocolate truffles. A shared bite of your favorite sweet treat, perhaps you are both really pie fans. Or perhaps great grandma’s fudge recipe will provide generational blessings on the sweetness of your married life.

History and tradition are very personal expressions. History is marked with the traditions your family has shared. You now join that history with your own unique expression of what brings wealth to your heart. So sweeten your wedding day with what is truly sweet for you both and mark your passage through history.

Sweets That Travel Through Time

However to avoid disappointment you would want to consider how your sweets travel through time. For instance, putting a couple small chocolates in your handbag on a hot summer day may require a spoon to serve. Many couples make their reservations for their wedding celebration and plan for a sweet treat to be served after their first meal together as husband and wife.

The point is to keep it simple to avoid unfulfilled expectations. Keep it simply sweet and have a sweet life together.


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