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What you need to know about a sunset wedding in San Francisco ~

Many couples come from near and far to get married in San Francisco.  They often have in their minds that a sunset wedding will be romantic and indeed it can be.

A sunset can last just a few minutes. From the time the sun begins to set to when it is below the horizon is on average around 6 to 8 minutes. The position of the Earth in relation to the sun and the location of the observer of the sunset also factor into how long it will last.  So let’s say a sunset lasts 8 minutes.  Not even long enough for the ceremony.  The photographs will now be taken in the dark with full flash.  Not the best option.

The other factor to consider is the wind at sunset in San Francisco.  Many couples would like to be on the water’s edge for a sunset wedding.  The majority of time there are high winds during this time of day.  The winds build through out the day and are often the strongest during sunset.  It is a rare day that this pattern is different and you end up with the perfect conditions.  But it is extremely rare. I have personally officiated many weddings at sunset both on the water and in the garden.

In each one that comes to mind the bride was stiff, cold and almost in pain during the wedding ceremony.  Granted the ceremony does not take too long but it is most unpleasant to say the least.  Not what the bride had in mind.  It is easier for the groom as he is more fully dressed.  The guests are usually very uncomfortable with the wind blowing and the fog rolling in.  The temperature is often near 55 when the fog roles in. Most musicians can not play when the temperature drops below 67 degrees.  So at the last-minute the music is often dropped.  The mic will often not work in the wind, so the mic is often not used. Think about the kind of experience you really want.

If you would really like a sunset wedding aim for the other side of the Golden Gate bridge.  Pick a location in Marin or the  Wine country where it is warmer and more whether friendly.  Let those you work with know that the ceremony is important and that you would like to be comfortable and that you would like your guests to be comfortable as well.  Even in Marin or the Wine country the winds are the highest in the afternoon early evening.

When planning for all the details on your wedding day…start with the date and time of day.  The best time of day when it is the warmest in the city, is between 10 am and 1 pm.

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