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Ema Drouillard, Life Coach

Life revolves around our relationships with ourselves and others in every area of our life: health, nutrition, business, entrepreneurship, career, spiritual direction.  Focusing on tools that enrich our relationships improves the fabric of our life. Loving relationships are at the heart of our life, they are the essence of our purpose in life.

Gain practical guidance to unlock and activate your best self…your unique genius.  Understand yourself in a way you never even conceived of, described in a way that brings awareness – designed to provoke creativity and freedom within your being. Providing an environment where the energy can break through, breaking out of traps and into higher levels of freedom and energy.

Our time together is designed to trigger recognition within the many layers of your being.  You’re invited to enter into the depth of clarity that lies within you.

A vision without action is just a dream; an action without vision just passes time; a vision with an action changes the world.  Nelson Mandela

For more information about Transformational Life Coaching please visit CoachEma.com

“For someone we’d just met, your words…came from the heart and spoke to us for all our lives…” Best Wishes, Michelle & Dan

“Ema is a master.  After a very focused session, I saw clearly why it would be beneficial for me to work one-on-one and why I sometimes feel depleted of energy when in a group setting. I recognized why I occasionally become bored with slow-moving agendas and how to identify those personalities with whom I am a compliment.  With this new understanding, I am confident that my interaction with family, friends and clients will be richer for all involved.”  Nina Brown Founder and Facilitator at S.T.A.R. Clinics 

“It is one thing to have all the answers inside of you, and it is another to be guided towards them with such clarity and intelligence!” Martina

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