December Wedding

Photographing outdoor weddings with ease has developed over years of experience shooting weddings outdoors. As a photographer, I have been using ‘God’s Light’ for years. No fancy studio’s with controlled light but out in the elements where the light changes every second. Where the wind can kick up, the rain can come down, gowns can get dirty, heels sink into the ground, veils take to the air, bride’s getting cold and people to keep out of the background images.

Discovering Ease

You may be thinking where exacting does the ease come in? By adapting to the environment. By facing the bride into the wind so that her hair and veil move in the direction of air rather than across her face. By having my shot spots void of people in the background. By always having umbrellas with me. By guiding the brides on how to prepare to be an outdoor bride.

Natural Lighting

After providing years of wedding photography in nature filled with natural light, I focus on the faces of the bride and groom in even light. Under a full shadowed tree, moving the directions of their stance to provide even light. No one wants a hot light across just a portion of their face.

The Elements

Wind! You can’t fight so you move in the direction of the wind. Dance with the angle, move the hips this way, the head that way…wala! Click! Click!

Cold! The bride is freezing and it shows. What to do? I often show the groom how to warm her skin with a flat rub. A wrap helps for in between photos.

Rain! An umbrella for two works sweetly for the wedding ceremony. And one for each other person of course. If it is a heavy wind umbrella’s offer no solution. At that point moving indoors is the only real solution. I have assisting in many outdoor weddings all year-long, rain rarely changes the venue but wind will.

Photographing Weddings

Photographing weddings has the built-in pressure of not being able to redo anything that didn’t work in the moment. Most photographers need never-ending equipment and software upgrades to stay current in wedding photography. Even with the added cost of constantĀ upgrading equipment and software a photographer is always learning new skills and tips to perfect their art and create more value.

Photographing Outdoor Wedding With Ease

The images of your wedding day are a priceless account of your treasured memories for generations to come. Your family will be tracing back to your moment for years to come. Value what has worth!

It is my delight to be photographing outdoor weddings with ease for over ten years. Prior to weddings I specialized in outdoor portraiture for over ten years.

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