outdoor wedding ceremony, best time of day

The Best Time Of Day For An Outdoor Wedding Ceremony In The Bay Area

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony, Best Time Of Day?

Are you planning an outdoor wedding in the San Francisco Bay Area? Here are planning tips for an outdoor wedding ceremony, best time. Are you wondering what the best time of day is? Here are tips for planning your outdoor wedding ceremony, for the best time of day, the best time of year and the best months of the year.

We have offered outdoor ceremonies in the San Francisco Bay Area for over twenty years. San Francisco’s weather pattern is unique and well worth planning around for the best option. Couples enjoy outdoor wedding ceremonies year round in the Bay Area.

There are a few things to consider for your outdoor wedding ceremony; the weather patterns, the time of day, the time of year, the day of the week as well as traffic patterns.

San Francisco Season’s Of  The Year

What season of the year are you considering for your wedding?

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony, Best Time Of Year

Couples marry outdoors all year-long in the Bay Area. Taking into account the weather patterns will make all the difference on your wedding day.

Each season brings its own weather pattern. Being a coastal city, San Francisco has a wind pattern all year. The early morning can be still and as the day precedes the winds increase.

Planning around the wind makes all the difference. The calmest time of the day is in the am. The winds begin near 10 am and increases as the day precede. The wind pattern is constant all year. Winds can easily be as high as 50 miles an hour near 5 pm.

Winter is the rainy season in California. Many couples opt to marry outdoor’s during the winter in San Francisco. During the winter you want to catch the warmth of the day, which is usually near 1 pm. Planning a backup location provides peace of mind. The only time of year that can be risky is the rainy season. The winter can provide a time of year with less wind but also less warmth for the bride.

Summer’s fog pattern is what makes San Francisco so magical. Some couples love to arrive at the Golden Gate Bridge half covered in fog. Some couples what to arrive after the fog as lifted. The fog usually rounds back before or near noon. Making the best time of day 1 pm, before the winds become stronger.

Spring and Fall include the wind pattern. To avoid the high winds the calmest time of day is between 10 am and 1 pm.

On the coast and in the bay area next to the water’s edge with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background has a stronger wind pattern all year. Sunset brings the strongest winds most of the time. So strong that the bride will most likely have to carry her veil in her hand rather than wear it. The point is, the winds need to be considered for the most comfortable option. The high winds can be very cold for a bride.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony, Best Time Of Day

By planning around the wind, fog, and traffic in San Francisco you can experience the best this romantic city has to offer. In the summer months the fog rolls in and out of the bay. Planning around the fog makes the best time of day at 1:00 pm. Planning around the winds of the city makes 10 am to 1 pm the best option for a wedding ceremony. And in the winter to catch the warmth of the day 1 pm again takes the cake.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony, Best Day Of The Week

Monday through Thursday provides the outdoor venues with fewer people about. A quieter relaxed environment. During the weekend’s the outdoor wedding locations are busy with people enjoying the sights. On Monday through Thursday couples usually, experience less congestion. It really feels sweet on the weekdays rather than a bustle of activity that takes place on the weekends.

Traffic Pattern’s To Consider

Do you want to sit in traffic on your wedding day? Or have your guest stuck in traffic? You can still plan around the traffic in the Bay Area.

Traffic patterns have become something to consider. On the weekend, the later in the day you wait the more people there are out and about. Parking is harder and traffic around the bridge can easily cause a 30-minute delay. During the week you most likely want to avoid the computer traffic patterns. Making the best time of day between 11 am and 1 pm.

The Best Of The Best 

Any time of year near 1 pm Monday through Thursday offers the best option’s for a relaxed environment, best weather option and the less amount of traffic to deal with. Plan for an effortless day by using this information. Brides have often commented that they hear what I said regarding the winds, but did not get it. Unfortunately, it is too late on the day of the wedding to make changes. Plan ahead for the perfect options on your wedding day.

Extra Benefit

A mid-day wedding is also easier on the budget as a brunch can be planned rather than a dinner. It also offers the most budget-friendly option for your wedding day. It’s easier to get up a little early than to fight the crowds later in the day. Check out our wedding blog for more tips on Wedding Planning Made Easy.

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