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As a minister offering memorial service for many years, people often think of me when they are asked to do a eulogy for a loved one. I enjoy writing eulogies. If you need help just give me a call.

Following is the latest eulogy I wrote for Dr. Bartnof’s nurse, Jamra to offer at his memorial service in L.A. Jamra introduced me to Dr. Bartnof when he needed some photography for his website, it was a pleasure to meet him and get to know this amazing man.


Dr. Harvey S. Bartnof, M.D.

Harvey walked into my life
in San Francisco,
when I was working
at the Laser Medical Spa.

He leased an office
in the same suite.

I quickly came to realize
how knowledgeable and ultimately brilliant
he was in the field of Age Management.

I became
his patient
and experienced
great success.

He invited me to help him
in his booth at
The San Francisco Health Fair.
After that,Eu
I just bugged him,
asking him periodically,
“Harvey, don’t you need a nurse?”
he hired me.

Harvey was project driven
from his personal experience.
While working in the ER,
he got more and more stressed
and fatigued
as his hormones declined.
He began to research
to help himself,
and realized
he could also help others.

His passion and devotion
poured into his training
and research.
He was the most detailed and
thorough doctor I’ve ever seen.

As a doctor he focused on
the foundational solution to
regain health for his patients.
Even the sickest patients
experienced improvement,
they got better.

When Harvey talked with you
he focused his whole attention
on you.
Not only did people feel important,
they felt they were heard.
Many of the patients would say,
“We had a very special relationship and connection”,
some lasting 11 years,
the length of this practice.

He had a deep interest in listening
to each of us and
making us feel special.
It was an art of his.

His patients felt they were getting
the focused medical attention
that no other physician gave them.
Harvey was able to see the whole picture.

People came in cranky and
started smiling as they improved.
There was great love, respect
and trust between Harvey
and his patients.

When I’d leave work at The Medical Spa,
I would hug my boss goodbye.
Since Harvey was standing there,
I’d give him a hug too.

A great love, deep respect
and admiration
developed between us.
I feel very fortunate
to have worked side by side with him
to call him friend and
honored to usher him
in his last days.
When he was vulnerable with me and needing
focused care himself.
Harvey needed a “Nurse”.

He knew who he was,
what needed to happen next,
when to speak and when to listen.
I’ll miss my bossy friend
whom sometimes I fought with
like a brother.

For the last ten years of his life
it was my journey to travel
with him.
A time I will always hold
as a treasure.

Thank you for inviting me today and
inviting me to speak of
He is and will be
deeply missed.

Notes to speaking it.

Go slow, keep pausing it helps your audience stay with you.
Look up and smile from time to time.
Read it out loud 6 times. 3 more in front of the mirror.

I was happy to help you with this.

It looks long but is just right.

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