What Does A Bride Do With Two Bouquets?

Destination Weddings To Escape Current Trends

Trendsetting is of interest to some and can be a task to keep up with.

In 2018 the current trends via wedding planners include:

  • Small Wedding Parties
  • Emphasis On The After Party
  • Creative Place Cards
  • Colored Candles
  • Marbled Dance Floors
  • Clear Tents
  • Textured Linens
  • Moody Florals
  • Potted Plants
  • Living Bars

Escape The To Do Lists

These items are of course a small sample of the many decisions that get made for your wedding day. There is a never-ending list of things to consider and do before a formal wedding. If you are not into checking off an involved list of decisions for your wedding day or details are just not your thing, you may consider a destination wedding. One that is easy and effortlessly filled with personal memories that touch your heart rather than your bank account.

Escape To Your Dream Wedding

The dream is to have one wedding. A wedding is focused on the wedding ceremony. When hosting a formal wedding the focus revolves around hosting your guests rather than focusing on each other. This is the one day in your life, a pivotal moment of your love union. To put the emphasis on the after party is somewhat missing the point. You can have a party any day of any year.

The Newest Trend

If I was to set a new trend it would be to focus on the love between the two of you.The love that is coming together. Your threshold to married life. I have watched this over and over again when it’s just the couple having a private ceremony. The bubble is not broken by outside pressures, the kiss is longer, the focus is totally on each other. What a sweet way to begin. A wonderful send-off for the honeymoon.

Timeless Trends

Do trends really touch the heart? Not really. Does planning an elaborate wedding prove you are the bride with the most interesting ideas and largest budget. Not really, it just proves you can hire high-end vendors for your wedding day. Does it touch hearts? Not really, people are busy adding it all up. Stuck in their heads rather than being touched in the heart by witnessing your love connection.

Focus on your love!


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